Washington DC Supports Healthy Vending

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Looks like Washington DC is going to make Healthy Vending a mandatory thing. If only they would cut the fat elsewhere too!

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LA to Ban Junk Food in Vending Machines

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Proposed legislation to remove junk food and sugar-loaded drinks from vending machines at California state office buildings and on government property in the LA Times. Read the Article Here.

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Healthier 4U Vending Free Healthy Vending Machines
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News from YMCA
Reposted from YMCA.com

More Than 1 Million Kids and Parents Set to Exercise Their Bodies and Minds on YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day®, April 27

Nationwide event arms families with tools for combatting risks associated with summer inactivity – weight gain and learning loss

CHICAGO (April 23, 2013) – While summer is a season known for relaxation and carefree living, taking the “lazy days of summer” too literally has its consequences.

When the last bell of the school year rings, many kids leave behind valuable opportunities to play and learn. The majority of U.S. children are not getting the daily recommended hours of physical activity and reading, or daily amounts of healthy foods. According to the latest YMCA’s Family Health Snapshot – a survey of parents that gauges their children’s activity levels during the school year – only 19 percent of children get 60 minutes of physical activity, only 17 percent read books for fun and only 12 percent eat at least eight fruits and vegetables daily. And studies show kids are at even greater risk of falling behind in these areas during the summer.

On Saturday, April 27, the Y will host YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day®, the nation’s largest health day for kids, to inspire families to get in a routine of exercising their bodies and minds. More than 1.2 million parents and children are expected to participate in more than 1,900 free Y community events across the country. Activities throughout the day will get kids moving and learning and motivate families to create a healthier home environment.

“It can be difficult to ensure kids are practicing healthy habits every day, and surprisingly, in the summer it just gets tougher,” says Dr. Matt Longjohn, senior director of chronic disease prevention at YMCA of the USA. “Kids are more likely to eat junk food, they become less active and they more easily forget things they learned during the school year. It’s critical that we incorporate healthy habits into a summer routine. The benefits can last a lifetime.”

YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day will help parents learn fun ways to keep their kids physically and mentally active now and throughout the summer. Research shows that without access to out-of-school enrichment activities, children are prone to fall behind academically and gain weight two to three times faster during summer than during the school year.1 The community events include active play and educational opportunities that provide a chance to be inspired, learn and enjoy each other.

In celebration of YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day, the Y’s national initiative to improve the health and well-being of families, the Y offers the following tips to help parents instill healthy habits in their kids:

Grab your bikes and take a family bike tour this weekend. Explore new neighborhoods or peddle to a new park for an afternoon of play.
Give your kids a jump rope. It’s an awesome way to have fun and stay active. They can go solo or encourage others to join in on the fun.
Play the rainbow game. How many different colored fruits and veggies can your child eat in a day? Write down their totals on the fridge, or create a rainbow chart for the summer.
Set aside time each day for the family to read, either together or separately, and discuss what you read over dinner.

As a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through healthy living, the Y is dedicated to improving the health of kids through initiatives such as Healthy Kids Day and other programs. Additionally, the Y made a commitment to First Lady Michelle Obama and the Partnership for a Healthier America to adopt healthy eating and physical activity standards in early childcare and afterschool programs. These standards include serving fruits and vegetables at every meal, not serving fried foods, setting limits on screen time and devoting time for physical activity.

YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day is supported by national media partners Sprout and LazyTown, who are committed to encouraging kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of this commitment, Sprout and LazyTown will kick off Healthy Kids Day at a national signature event with the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago and also provide fun activity packets to kids at 250 Ys across the country.

For more information on YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day or to find an event in your neighborhood, visit http://www.ymca.net/healthy-kids-day/.


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Take Advantage of Big Tax Advantages before the end of the Year!

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In 2010 President Obama signed into law The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. This enables businesses to write off the entire purchase price of equipment without depreciation. You can deduct the entire amount, up to $500,000 from your 2012 Taxes. This law is being reviewed year to year as stimulus and is not expected to be unchanged for 2013.

Take advantage of the ability to instantly receive this incentive in 2012.

What does this mean for you?
Assumptions: Head of Household Earning $46,000-$125,000 a year 25% tax rate or comparable Corp Tax Rate

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Healthier 4U Vending Free Healthy Vending Machines
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The Benefits of Healthy Snacking

Snacking is something we do everyday in our lives and it’s perfectly fine as long as we monitor our daily intake. Chances are that you would make better choices if properly educated when it comes to eating snacks. Awareness is the key to healthy snacking and if we just took the time to educate ourselves about these choices, it would make a pant size of difference, and surely impact our well being. Most snacks are filled with calories, fats, sugars and other ingredients that we must consume in moderation. Unlike high-calorie candy bars or chips, healthy snacks have numerous positive benefits for adults, seniors and children.


Tasty Nutritional Supplementation

Healthy snacks can help you to fill in the nutritional gaps for the on the go person. Let’s face it, in this day in age it’s almost impossible to eat 3-5 healthy meals a day. This is where healthy snacking comes in. An adult needs about 2 ½ cups of vegetables per day, and most up the items our vending machines carry will supplement those needs so you can meet that goal while on the go. People are conscious of their diet these days and H4U is finally here to offer that option. Here are just a few benefits of using an H4U vending machine when snacking:


  • Extended Energy Throughout Your Day
  • Mental And Physical Wellbeing
  • Controlled Calorie and Sugar Intake
  • No High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  • GMO Free
  • Fat Free


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H4U Machines

Healthier 4U Vending Free Healthy Vending Machines
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Healthier 4u Vending Machines – Get a Free Vending Machine

Get approved for a free healthy vending machine today!

Healthy Vending Machines - Healthier 4U Vending Healthy Vending Machines – Healthier 4U Vending

Healthier4U Vending machines are a revolutionary healthier food choice delivery system. Our unique American-made vending machines take credit or debit cards. We have 24-hour online remote access to each machine which allows us to instantly view the inventory, and maintenance requirements. No more mundane visits to your location to check on inventory and maintenance. Our machines accept up to $10 dollar bills, multiple vends per session, and dispense dollar coins when returning change. Our Whittier brand dual combination machines keep the dry snack products at room temperature, while keeping the beverages ice cold in the refrigerating section located in the bottom half. Here’s an outline of this superior quality machine:


  • 100% Made in America
  • Energy Efficient
  • Small Footprint
  • Holds up to 411 Products
  • Accepts $10 Bills
  • Returns $1 coin/Change
  • Remote Inventory Management


 Healthier 4U Vending Machine Specifications

H4U Vending Machine Width 34.5 inches (876mm)
H4U Vending Machine Height 72 inches (1829mm)
Weight/Shipping Weight 551lbs. (254kg)/600lbs. (272kg)
Snack Window Size (tempered glass only) 21 3/4″ x 25 1/4″ x 1/8″ Thick (552mm x 603mm x 3mm)
Display Window Size(tempered glass only) 9 1/4″ x 23 3/4″ x 1/8″ Thick (235mm x 603mm x 3mm)

Healthier 4U Vending Machine Features: The New ADA IIH4U ADA II Machine

  • 350 Total Item Capacity – 20 Snack Items & 9 Beverages!
  • The Only Healthy Vending Machine with 9 Beverages and high capacity 16oz Can Dispensers- Functional Volume!
  • ADA Compliant Design
  • Accepts Debit and Credit H4u-infraredCards
  • Machine can be Programmed to vend only certain hours – Great For Schools
  • Infrared Vend Sensing Technology offering the best in delivery assurance
  • Eco Friendly – LED Lighting and EPA Compliant – Uses less than 1/3 the power of a traditional machine.
  • Digital Programmable Thermostat

If you’re interested in receiving more information on starting your own Healthier 4U Vending Machine business you can sign-up here at our primary site.

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The Healthy Vending Machine Revolution – Healthier 4U Vending

Healthier 4U Vending Free Healthy Vending Machines
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America Is Choosing Healthy Vending Machines – The H4U Healthy Revolution

Healthier 4U Vending is an American company that promotes health & wellness through our healthy vending machines. The snacks and beverages in our vending machines are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, proteins and more. Our healthy vending machines help to reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity in people. By making healthy snacks both convenient and easy to purchase we promote healthful diets and help individuals to maintain their healthy body weights.

Get Free Healthy Vending Machines For Your Place Of Business Or Organization

Healthy Vending Machines - Healthier 4U Vending Healthy Vending Machines – Healthier 4U Vending

The Health & Wellness revolution is here and H4U Vending is on the front line. We’re here to place machines in just about any location where there’s high traffic and a need for healthy snacks and beverages, and for free! Do you know of a location that would benefit from having a healthy vending machine? Well we’re here to provide you with the best vending machines on the market today.

If you own or know of a great place that would benefit from a Healthier 4U Vending Machine, give us call today at 1-800-642-2148. Our Healthier 4U Vending machines are great in waiting rooms, hotels, motels, hospitals, gyms, doctors offices, casinos, laundry mats, dance studios, businesses, malls, and pretty much anywhere else where people congregate.

Sign-Up For More Information And Get Qualified For 1 or More Healthier 4U Vending Machines or Call 1-800-642-2148

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