Federal Legislation Mandates Healthy Vending in Schools

Healthier 4U Vending Free Healthy Vending Machines
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Healthier 4U Vending is Providing Public Schools With Free Healthy Vending Machines

New Federal Legislation Mandates Healthy Vending in Schools - Giving Kids a Chance to Eat Healthy New Federal Legislation Mandates Healthy Vending in Schools – Giving Kids a Chance to Eat Healthy

Brand new Federal Legislation Mandates Healthy Vending in Schools, and H4U ending is here to provide all the public schools with free healthy vending machines. This is definitely a game changer when it comes to fighting obesity and overall unhealthy eating in public schools. Now parents don’t have to worry about their children eating junk food at school when out of their supervision. The new legislation is giving our country a fighting chance as we promote health and wellness in our federal school system. Here at Healthier 4U Vending we’re here to provide our public schools with our free Healthier 4U Vending machines. We’re here to fight the largest epidemic ever, which is obesity. Healthy Vending in schools is one of our primary goals here at Healthier 4U Vending.

New Federal Mandate Kicks Junk Food Out And Welcomes Healthy Vending in Schools

Two thirds of the American population are overweight and plagued with obesity and if we don’t start making some drastic changes to way we eat, this problem will continue to spiral out of control.  Statistics say that 35% of American adults are officially obese. These numbers conclude that America has officially crossed over into an obesity epidemic. This is where Healthier 4U Vending comes in to provide snack options for our kids that attend the public school system. Our snack and beverage options are not only healthy but they taste amazing as well. We believe that once the children of this country are required to use healthy vending in schools, they will see just how amazing these snacks taste.

Healthier 4U Vending is Leading the Way With Healthy Vending in Schools

Healthier 4U Vending is here to provide the machines for free to any public school system that may need these now mandated healthy vending machines. The new Federal Mandate which is also know as the “Smart Snacks in Schools” initiative is based on standards which will limit the amount of  Sodium, Calories, Sugars & Fats that are allowed in the snacks. Starting kids off early eating healthy and raising their awareness about the foods which are unhealthy. Combined with these mandated snack standards and the proper education we plan to stop this obesity epidemic in it’s tracks.

View The New Federal “Smart Snacks in Schools” PDF Outline Here: Federal Smart Snacks in Schools Q and A


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